Neptune SWP100

High performance, flexible, easy workable, high slip resistance cementitious tile adhesive for submerged applications with extended open time

Product Description

Neptune SWP100 is a blend of cement, well graded aggregate and special additives that can be easily mixed with water to form a consistent and free of lumps tile adhesive excellent for bonding all types of ceramic tiles and natural stone on floors and walls in wet areas or submerged surfaces, such as swimming pools, potable water tanks and fountains.

The flexibility characterise Neptune SWP100 make it appropriate to fix large or heavy tiles on many common substrates, and make it suitable for external applications and under floor heating systems.

Neptune SWP100 is specially designed to be easier and quicker in mixing and application. The excellent workability properties of Neptune SWP100 make it ideally suitable to be spread over vertical walls without sagging, and the extended open time feature make it easier and quicker to apply.

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